Swimming in an Ocean of Bad OCs
Artist(s) Genreal Mymbloe, FESTKAKA, ʝennifur
Genre Comedy, parody, shitcore
Released 07 March 2018
Recorded ~2013
Length 10 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price Name Your Price
Cover artist(s) Literally like 100 people that I can't remember
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CD Unknown

Swimming in an Ocean of Bad OCs is a 10-track EP by Genreal Mymbloe. It is the first thing to be released by Mymbloe in 3 years, although the album consists almost entirely of material made in 2013 or so.

Artwork Edit

The artwork shows Mymbloe swimming amongst approximately 130 different My Little Pony OC parodies, all of which were designed by followers of the Mumble Etc. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages back in 2013.

Track listing Edit

  1. Wake up in the Morning
  2. Romeo Douglás, the man who likes to fart on cakes, performs his rendition of Tainted Love, and proceeds to evacuate his bowels over Daft Punk's chests
  3. Stupid Fish
  4. Freestlye Rap Masta (feat. FESTKAKA)
  5. Panscrote
  6. Don't Give Up
  7. Interlude 50509509
  8. Flatulence Etched in Memory
  9. Happy Birthday You Stupid Moth Butt (feat. ʝennifur)
  10. Ass M.D.