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Static Sea
Static Sea
Artist(s) Riikira
Genre Digital hardcore, metal
Released 14 May 2017
Recorded March 2016 - May 2017
Length 35 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price £3.50 GBP
Cover artist(s) vhkaneweer (illustration)

Poowis (post-processing, typography)

Download Bandcamp
CD None

Static Sea is a 9-track album and the second full-length release by Riikira. It is comprised mainly of digital hardcore with a metal and punk-ish vibes, driven by text-to-speech vocals.

The album is heavily inspired the divisive politics and events seen throughout 2016 and early 2017, using sea/air and the black/white of static as metaphors for divided social groups. Other topics include cyber security, addiction, and copyright laws.

Track listing Edit

  1. Afloat
  2. ...From My Sight
  3. Semi-Statistic
  4. Creatures
  6. Driifter
  7. Identity Thief
  8. Data Dissolver
  9. "Utopia"

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