Rotløs, illustrated by Poowis, seen punching a hole in his home planet. He's not actually that big that would be really impractical.
Species Treant / Ent
Sex N/A
Gender Male
Genre Noise fusion, noise, experimental
Year of birth Unknown
Character designer(s) Poowis, Jennifur
Status Active
Rotløs is the ninth alias under the Mumble Etc. label. He is one of a species of sentient, uprooted trees that dominate much of their (currently unnamed) home planet. Rotløs' music ranges from mid-tempo to slow electronic music, using distortion and clipping as the primary foundation. As such, the music is perceptively very loud, and potentially uncomfortable to listen to.

Name Edit

"Rotløs" is Norwegian for "rootless". The name was chosen to symbolise not being held down by restraints, specifically those determined by typical "correct" music production practices.

Discography Edit


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