PWR ON. 2k15
Artist(s) General Mumble
Genre Electronica, rock, dance, funk
Released 15 February 2015
Recorded 2014-2015
Length 26 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price £1,00
Cover artist(s) Poowis
Download Bandcamp
CD None

PWR ON. 2k15 is a 9-track album, and the thirty third album by General Mumble. It is a sequel to PWR ON. 2k13 [1] . Normally, PWR ON. albums are released at the beginning of the year, but this edition was released much later in the year, in February. General Mumble joked on his Facebook page that he "would like to have released it on Jan 1st like the 2k13 version" and so he released in on the 15th of February because "2k15 actually means 'February, k? The 15th'".[2]

This album was made more with hardware than with software. [3] The hardware used included:

Novation Mininova synthesizer+vocoder 

ESP LTD MH-100QM electric guitar 

Dubreq Stylophone S1 

Akai MPK Mini 

Hotone Heart Attack Nano Legacy series amplifier head 

Heil Talk Box 

Mooer ReEcho delay pedal 

DrTone DST-101 distortion pedal

The song "All My Eggs" references the shitcore alias, 77p egg.

The song "PrydaPrejudice" was, according to Mumble on the album's Bandcamp page, "entirely from one snare drum sample, modified in different ways."[3]

The song "I Was Conceived in the 80s" was originally released on Swaffelcore's 24 Hours of Pain[4]

CD Edit

The album was released on unlimited-edition CD via Createspace in July 2016.

Track listing Edit

  1. zzzzzz
  2. All My Eggs
  3. Sausagefighter
  4. At Both Ends
  5. I Was Conceived in the 80s
  6. Circle, The (feat. )
  7. PrydaPrejudice
  8. Everember
  9. Greenfly


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