The Mumble Etc. logo in orange.

Mumble Etc. is a power-couple electronic music record label run by Poowis and Koa. All artists signed to the label are their alter-aliases, represented by different fictional characters sporting their own genres and musical themes.

Poowis founded the label in 2013 after beginning to use aliases other than General Mumble, which was the first. It no longer seemed proper to use "General Mumble" as a brand name on its own. However, the name "Mumble Etc." was chosen to retain the familiarity of the pioneering alias, as well as to poke fun at the suffixes typically used by businesses (inc., ltd., and so on) to show the more carefree nature of the label.

Initially, the label was run solely by Poowis; Koa joined in 2018.

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