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Mumble Bundle 2k16
Mumble bundle 2k16
Artist(s) General Mumble, MUM-B1, Spott, 77p egg, , Riikira, Blueschist, Daemien, Pupae
Genre Dance, Vaporwave, Digital Hardcore, IDM, Metal, Noise
Released 11 Dec 2016
Recorded 2016
Length 83 mins
Label Mumble Etc.
Price Name-Your-Price
Cover artist(s) Poowis
Download Bandcamp
CD Unknown

Mumble Bundle 2k16 is a 21-track name-your-price compilation released by Mumble Etc.. It features a handful of notable works from various aliases from 2016. It is the fifth release in the Mumble Bundle series of yearly compilations.

At the time of release, many of the tracks did not appear on any albums.

Track listing Edit

  1. General Mumble - Radio 2010
  2. MUM-B1 - Sentry Mode And Chill
  3. General Mumble - Spider Roll (Spott's "Blood Blood Blood and Death" RMX)
  4. 77p egg - Brown Sauce
  5. - Aemea
  6. Riikira - SHIFT+DEL
  7. General Mumble - Death In The Treetops
  8. Blueschist - Pipexis
  9. Daemien - Dear Companion
  10. ◻ - Caterpill
  11. Pupae - Night I
  12. General Mumble - Free or Fall '99
  13. ◻ - Chimerical Foam
  14. Daemien - The War On Terra Firma
  15. Riikira - Creatures
  16. ◻ - Honeyvein
  17. General Mumble - Lotus Position
  18. Spott - YABBA GABBA DOO (Spott's "100% Less Gabba" VIP)
  19. Daemien - My Friend
  20. Pupae - DownSquid
  21. ◻ - Incubator

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