Here you will find an exhaustive-ish list of links to pretty much everything related to me or my work that I'm willing to share.

Link Description
Mumble Etc. Bandcamp My main website and digital albums store.
Merch Physical media store. Mostly CDs.
Patreon A way to support me on a monthy basis with rewards and stuff.
Wiki The homepage of the Wiki you're currently looking at.
Youtube 80% of my finished work gets released here and sometimes I make an actual video.
Vlog channel A conscious effort to get out of the house and talk about everything and nothing.
Twitter Personal twitter, doubles as the Mumble Etc. twitter too.
Facebook Facebook fan page, I don't really enjoy using Facebook at all but I guess i have to.
Barrfparty Bandcamp A noise-music side-project of mine. Mostly very loud, obnoxious, and freeform sound experiments. All free.
Barrfparty merch Physical media store for Barrfparty releases.
Barrfparty Twitter Tweets for Barrfparty album releases. Fairly infrequent.
Barrfparty Youtube Full Barrfparty album streams. As-of-writing, only has one video and three subscribers. lol. I'll get around to it later...
Mumble's very old things A Bandcamp page with a handful of silly and not-good albums I made between the ages of 9 and 20 or so. All free.
Huge Umbrella Bandcamp A collaborative music project between myself and a handful of friends with moderate amounts of effort. All free.
Huge Umbrella Twitter Twitter for Huge Umbrella. Fairly infrequent tweets, mostly for when new albums get released.
Huge Umbrella Facebook Same as above, except replace "Fairly infrequent" with "very infrequent" and "tweets" with "Facebook posts".
Huge Umbrella Youtube Somehow even more infrequent.
77p egg Bandcamp A collaborative "shitcore" project between me and a bunch of friends. Full of complete garbage. All free.
77p egg Twitter Garbage tweets from 77p egg. Mostly photographs of the number 77 in the wild, shitposting, and album release notifications.
77p egg Youtube Occasional low-effort music videos for 77p egg tracks.
Fiveskin Bandcamp A collaborative "Disorienting Dance Music" project between myself and a few other people.
Spott's Twitter Fairly infrequently updated. Album releases and occasionally other things.
FAQ Things I get asked a lot, and some things I don't ever get asked but thought i'd answer anyway.
Eggdev Discord server A public Discord server I run in which myself and a couple other developers post updates and get input from you regarding the 77p egg videogame we're working on.
Deviantart I do a lot of my own art, and all of my own graphic design. Sometimes I post it here. I really should get around to uploading some more recent, pretty things.