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Huge Umbrella
The Huge Umbrella logo
Species human
Sex many
Gender many
Genre parody, drum and bass, nursery rhymes, spoken word, noise
Year of birth many
Character designer(s) many?
Status huge
Huge Umbrella is a collaborative "comedy music" effort between an extended group (or huge umbrella) of friends. Releases are typically made during meetups.

Discography Edit


*Released on the Mumble Etc. label and not listed as Huge Umbrella releases, but affectionately considered so.

Members Edit

There are no fixed members, albums are made as-and-when with people available at the time. Appearing at least once on any release classifies you as a member.

Dave! Y
davhors! Y Y
Deadcanons Y
DJ White Nigga Brown Y
Doofcake Y
General Mumble Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Genreal Mymbloe Y
Glaze Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Interrobang Pie Y
ipi Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
JackTHerbert Y Y Y Y Y Y Runner Up Y Y
ʝennifur Y Y Y Y
Lavender Harmony Y
sc.Dave! Y Y Y Y Y
Twigileia Y Y Y
Weeaboo Yiff Queen Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

External Links Edit

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