Genreal Mymbloe
Genreal Mymbloe illustration by Spenws
Species Pegasus/chicken hybrid
Sex Female
Gender Female
Genre Toilet
Year of birth 2012
Character designer(s) Poowis
Status Active
Genreal Mymbloe is the second alias under the Mumble Etc. label. She is a filly pegasus with traces of chicken DNA. She creates bad comedy music, often with poor musical production and laden with immature humour.

History Edit

Mymbloe is the daughter of General Mumble and Pinkie Pie, conceived during "More Than A Chicken" - of which her egg can be seen at the end of the Youtube video. Her traces of chicken DNA can be attributed to the chicken suits worn during Mumble and Pinkie's coitus, which makes no sense.

The name "Genreal Mymbloe" comes from two separate spelling mistakes of "General Mumble" by Glaze.

Discography Edit


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