Artist(s) Fiveskin
Genre disorienting dance music, dance, plunderphonics, industrial, punk, noise
Released Jan 5, 2018
Recorded August 2017 - Jan 2018
Length 57 mins, 72 including bonus sketches
Label none
Price Name Your Price
Cover artist(s) sc.Dave(Photo), Poowis (Post-process)
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CD Unknown

Fiveskyn is an 18-track album by disorienting dance music group Fiveskin.  It was made by sc.Dave!Lewis, and Birdcunt over the New Year 17/18, some tracks were also made with JackTHerbert and Doofcake in the summer of 2017.

Track 7 originally appears on the compilation Incohesive Horse Adhesive on Pinkamena Party. Track 11 features the rapper Milly Ashtray in her debut musical appearance. Track 15 was also produced with Supersaw Hoover, also appearing as the opening track on the extratone compilation, IT'S 2018 (BPM) on Pinkamena Party.

The album is considered a sequel to 2017's full-length, self-titled album, Fiveskin. As with its predecessor, most of the tracks sporadically change genres throughout and much (although less this time around) of the lyrical content from the album is next-word-prediction from smartphone keyboards.

The album contains three bonus tracks at the end (totalling 21 tracks) which are spoken word sketches featuring BETTY and Jennifer.

Track listing Edit

  1. Skintro
  2. Eat a Cum Nuke
  3. Miss Wakowski
  4. Snapped Ankles
  5. She Stopped
  7. Heaven is a Glue Factory
  8. What's Wrong
  9. Fertile Plot
  10. 4cb in Neo
  11. Y Smash Ma Lily (Feat. Milly Ashtray)
  12. Airmail
  13. Off the Rails
  14. H O M E Y
  15. 2018 BPM ANTHEM FOR 2017 (Dog in B.5 Major) (with Supersaw Hoover)
  16. The Sims OST: Build Mode 5skin
  17. Heroin
  18. Here is the DJ
  19. (Bonus) The Misadventures of BETTY and Jennifer, Episode 1: Doctor's Appointment
  20. (Bonus) The Misadventures of BETTY and Jennifer, Episode 2: Homework
  21. (Bonus) The Misadventures of BETTY and Jennifer, Episode 3: School