The only known image of Daemien, taken by an unknown victim before seduction.
Species Incubus
Gender Male
Genre Electronic metal, dark ambient, noise rock, noise
Year of birth Unknown
Character designer(s) Poowis
Status Active
Daemien is the third alias under the Mumble Etc. label. He is an incubus, and has no fixed appearance. Instead, he takes the form of the deepest sexual desires of his overworld victims in order to seduce them and populate the overworld with hellspawn. He makes a wide range of music, including electronic metal, noise rock, dark ambient, and noise, among others, almost always with dark and/or depressing themes.

His female partner in both love and occupation, Lilith, is a succubus. She also has no fixed appearance for the same reasons, but instead seduces beings of the overworld to impregnate herself, populating the underworld with souls to torment.

Both have shown signs of guilt towards their occupation, and empathy towards their victims, causing controversy in the underworld, and seeing many underworld inhabitants call for their exile.

Daemien's first musical appearance was the final track "Bolge XI" on the General Mumble album Hemikrania.

Name Edit

The name "Daemien" is a reference to the character Damien Thorn from the 1976 film The Omen. As a child, Lewis was often said to bear strong resemblance to Damien.


Comparison between Damien Thorn (left) and Lewis Cooper as a child (right).

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