77p egg
Species thing
Gender agender ("it" pronouns)
Genre shitcore, egg, parody, extratone, noise
Year of birth before the chicken
Character designer(s) sc.Dave!
Status shit
77p egg is a fucking shit alias and aesthetic shared by the members of huge umbrella and whoever else contributes i guess. it is a crudely drawn creature thing that kinda represents a fox whatever but who knows really. it has a dick because apparently dicks are funny but its not male and identifies as a thing. it has a fox tail and thats about its only feature that relates to anything else what a furry piece of trash

it makes shitcore and parody music, often less than 20 seconds per track and with poor production quality, most commonly playing a short piece of music or a sample, followed abruptly by extremely fast distorted kick drums for a few seconds

"History" Edit

the single "eggeggegg cegg egg egegegegegeg egg fry you egg" is the first appearance of 77p egg - the song was recorded during a huge umbrella gathering at Lewis's house, while JackTHerbert was in the bathroom, pissing. Originally intended to appear on a Huge Umbrella release, sc.Dave! took advantage of being logged into the Mumble Etc. Bandcamp, and hastily uploaded the track and drew the artwork in MS Paint before anything could be done. The album title was originally "cuntcuntcunt ccunt cunt cuncuncucucuncucu cunt fuck you cunt", but this was changed for reasons that probably don't need to be explained.

It was decided that the song remain on the Mumble Etc. page because it's "funny". However, since then, all releases as "77p egg" have appeared on the 77p egg Bandcamp page, with the intention of filling the bandcamp page with as many albums as possible. most of those last two paragrapsh were taken from another wiki page because i can't be fucked to write it again

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